Aug 052014

Our Facebook page has almost doubled over the last month, out Twitter page gets new followers everyday, and now LikedIn is going crazy!! We hope it’s all crazy for The Lord!!
A lot of people have been asking so we are sending this out. Our biggest need right now, and you may know someone, is to obtain or have donated a projector capable of a 75 foot throw in order to expand our film series. By the name of our organization I’m sure you can tell we show and promote films with a Faith based message and/or family films.
We have had requests to show films in some areas of New England however some of the facilities, weather it be a church or hall, do not have the equipment to be able to show the films. With licensing fees for the films and hall rentals (our series in VT) we are lucky to break even at the end of each year so being able to afford a $4,000.00 dollar projector (or more) is not a huge option for us at this time.
We have tried Kickstarter and Indigogo without much results, using social media to really push the projects. So we are looking for options, if you have any ideas please let forward them off to me or pass this information along. Our email and address is below if you know anyone who might want to donate or may have a projector they would like to donate. Our phone number available if it is requested.

Pastor Joe
Faith and Family Films
PO Box 91
Randolph VT 05060